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Leaver's Week 2012 - The year of the Storms
25th November through to 29th November

2012 Leavers celebrations were disrupted by the extreme weather, with Police authorising a lockdown over the students at the park for one night and "The Zone" closed for three nights.

The memory of crushed flimsy tents flattened by the strong winds and the thirty kids sleeping in the protection of the double brick Games Room will remain with me forever.

However the students at the park were a resilient lot and made the best of the situation, making a lot of new friends and deciding to forego the last evening at "The Zone" to be in good company on site.

On a sad note, another reason 2012 was unforgettable was the number of students taken to hospital for drug related treatment, four medical emergencies at the park is definately not something I want to see happen again.

The pictures below are a brief sample of some of the guests enjoying themselves prior to the stormy weather.

The pictures are shown with their permission.

Picture gallery to be uploaded soon

I would like to comment that this year there were several groups of students staying here that had little respect for either themselves or the parks accommodation in particular the Chalets.

Several groups lost a large amount of their bond for damages and loss of income on a daily basis until the chalets were ready for use again.

However, in general it can be said that the majority of leavers students behaved very well during their stay here with us given the situation with the extreme weather.

Michael, Jochem and myself would like to thank the majority of leaver's for their behavior during their stay here and we wish everyone the very best in their future endeavors.

Come back and visit us again soon (curfew is 10:00 pm not 1:30 am; when you do)

Dave Hughes
Caves Caravan Park Yallingup

NOTE: Leaver's and/or parents are advised that the Parks Guest book Page is available should anyone wish to enter any comments about the Leaver's celebrations.

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