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Leavers Week 2011 - the Aftermath
25th November through to 28th November

The 2011 Leaver's celebrations held here, allowing for the fact that the dates this year covered a weekend (against the norm of during the week) was relatively calm with no damage to the park.

The pictures below are offered as a sample of some of the guests enjoying themselves.

The pictures are shown with their permission.

I would like to comment that the guests were the best group of teenagers that I have had the opportunity to host here, they adhered to the rules of the park, had respect for my property and themselves as a group and enjoyed their celebrations of their final year at school in fine form.

I can still hear the chants of excitement when the bus pulled out from the pickup point over at the Cafe.

The nightly 5:00 pm sausage sizzle was appreciated by all leaver's with over 1000 sausages cooked over the four nights

Honorable mention goes to two groups for their cleanup of their accommodation, Sam Kerr in Chalet 16 and the Doust group in Ensuite 38 their accommodation was presented back to the park in "perfect" condition.

On a more humorous note,
the Hattingh group in Cabin 31 will be remembered forever for their chanting,
the Tolcon group for their insatiable appetite for partying
the Goodson group for their pink uggboots,
and Pascal for being as smooth as silk.

Both Tristan and myself would like to thank all the leaver's for their behavior during their stay here and we wish everyone the very best in their future endeavors.

Come back and visit us again soon (curfew is 10:00 pm not 1:30 am; when you do)

Dave Hughes
Caves Caravan Park Yallingup

NOTE: Leaver's and/or parents are advised that the Parks Guest book Page is available should anyone wish to enter any comments about the Leaver's celebrations.

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