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Caves Caravan Park - Leaver's Portal

The park has been hosting Leaver's celebrations here for several years, resulting in the students leaving here with lasting friendships and a host of good memories of the celebration of the end of their last year in high school.

Every year, the park has provided a free sausage sizzle each evening for all the students.

The bus stop for the bus to the "Zone" is across the road opposite the park entrance

During Leaver's celebrations the park offers gift vouchers for Caves Cafe breakfasts and discount vouchers for a return visit to the park

Prior to making a booking here, please consider that if you cancel the booking the Cancellation fee of $500.00 is NON REFUNDABLE

Above all, the park's duty of care to the students to provide a safe and caring environment is our highest priority.

The following links will take you to :-

Leaver's 2011

Leaver's 2012

Leaver's 2013

Leaver's 2014

Leaver's 2015

Leaver's 2016

Leaver's 2017

The following link will take you to the Official Leaver's Website

"Students get Leaver's low-down" - extract from The Busselton - Dunsborough Mail

Warm clothing and food supplies were the topics of conversation at Cape Naturaliste College.
Guest speakers from the City of Busselton, police, fire brigade, ambulance, and the Red Frog's spoke to Year 12 students who may be hitting the Leavers Zone in Dunsborough this November.
The Zone is going to be great fun and a big set up, but be prepared if you try to live off two-minute noodles for the whole time, you'll get sick, and you wont have fun, get some sleep and remember that it will be freezing at night when you're partying so take your Leaver's jumper.
At the Leaver's "Zone" DJ Cornflake from the Red Frog Crew will be in one tent, bands will be playing in another, there'll be sideshow rides and games and a big silent disco
Once leaver's have paid for their wristbands to enter The Zone, everything is free except food.
Buses will be running from the Zone until everyone has left, so nobody has to drive.
We want the leaver's to have a great time, its a great event and we want everyone to stay safe.

Remember the 5 R's: Respect yourself, respect your friends, respect other leaver's, respect the community and ring the folks - trust me, they will be worried about you if they don't hear from you the whole time.

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